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Welcome to CSS Mediation (Steve Scarre, FCMA, CGMA)

Irrespective of the scenario, mediation is a less stressful, quicker, and more cost-effective way of resolving issues, unlike going to court. Because mediation is a voluntary process, no participant has to agree to a solution, unless they feel it's in their best interests. As a non-lawyer mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council, I have no hidden agenda or mind-set conflict and unlike mediators who charge according to the amount of financial settlement involved, I charge an affordable, flat fee.

"I don't know how you did it, and I don’t need to know, but it's amazing the difference.

They sat and had a coffee together this morning..."
Commercial Mediation - Large Industrial Manufacturer

As an accredited mediator through the Civil Mediation Council, I provide neutrality and objectivity, helping both sides reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Did you know that many cases won't go to court unless mediation has first been tried?


My aims are two-fold: 

 •  To help an individual or organisation resolve any form of dispute at an early stage, thus avoiding long and expensive legal battles

 •  To give each participant greater satisfaction by allowing more control over how the issue is resolved.

Mediation takes me to every corner of the UK and further - regardless of where you are, finding the right mediator is key. Get in touch today for a free consultation.