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One-day Mediation Skills Training


I have developed one-day training seminars to introduce mediation techniques to your organisation, whether large or small, public or private., B2B or B2C. The seminars can be tailored for any sector and level, and can be delivered in-house or externally. This is a fun day with a real 'hands-on' approach.


Organisations could save many thousands of pounds of legal and tribunal expenses, and also save valuable management time by embracing the concept of mediation. Using mediation skills at the initial stage of a dispute can usually nip it in the bud.

Customer Journey

Mediation skills have much wider applications in business. You can improve customer journey by training your customer service operatives in mediation. Dealing with the public takes patience and knowing how to handle tricky problems. My workshop will equip your employees with the necessary skills to diffuse tense situations. The ROI can be measured in improved feedback and increased recommendations.


Training your sales team in mediation methods can help them convert more leads and negotiate better deals. Knowing the right words to use (and those to avoid), together with active listening can take your relationship marketing to the next level.

Sample One-day Training Seminar Programme:


  • 9.15am Welcome

  • 9.30am An Introduction to Facilitative Mediation

  • 10.30am Active Listening

  • 11.00am Break

  • 11.15am Getting Past ‘No!’

  • 12.30pm Lunch

  • 1.30pm Role Play Set Up

  • 1.45pm Role Play 1 (practical exercise)

  • 2.45pm Role Play 2 (practical exercise)

  • 3.45pm Role Play 3 (practical exercise)

  • 4.45pm Plenary

  • 5.00pm Close


During the 3 practical exercises, the attendees will take active roles and have the opportunity to act as mediator, participant and observer. My prices are both competitive and flexible, to meet clients’ specific requirements.

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