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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mediation cost?

This depends on the complexity of the conflict and the time involved for preparation and the actual mediation. Once I have an understanding of the issue and how many participants are involved, I will give a fixed-fee quote.

How long does a mediation take?

Typically, I allow a full day for the mediation, which excludes any preparation time. It can take longer, however, depending on the issue.

Are you doing face-to-face mediations during the pandemic?

I have been using video conferencing since lockdown, however I will conduct face-to-face mediations if the government rules at the time permit, but only in a safe environment.

Where does the mediation take place?

If possible, it's best for a mediation to take place on neutral territory. Two rooms must be available, so that the mediator can have private sessions with each participant. Hotels often have meeting rooms for hire on an hourly or daily basis.

Who pays for the mediation?

It is up to the participants to decide who pays my fee, but normally it’s split equally.

Can I bring someone with me to the mediation?

Yes, you can, provided all participants and the mediator agree. This could be a legal representative, friend, partner, union official, etc. Everyone attending must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Does mediation work?

Mediations have around a 90% success rate.

Is there documentary proof of the outcome of the mediation?

There is normally an agreement drawn up and signed by the participants, towards the end of the mediation.

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