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Civil & Commercial Mediation

Businesses and individuals save thousands of pounds and precious time each year by turning to mediation to settle disputes. It is now normal practice for courts to recommend trying mediation first, before seeking a legal judgement. The vast majority of mediations result in a mutually agreed settlement from a single session, and my track record is excellent in that respect. Compare that with legal costs (and lost time) from litigation. Dispute resolution can successfully settle issues such as:

  • contractual infringements

  • boundary disputes

  • defamation

  • copyright and intellectual property rights

  • building disputes

  • insurance claims

  • financial disputes

  • consumer grievances

  • disputes with business partners and shareholders

Another distinct advantage that mediation has over going to court is that all participants take ownership of the resolution, rather than it being imposed upon those involved by a judge. This enables the 'door to remain open' for previous business relationships to recommence, if desired.

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